Comprehensive Waste Management Solutions

Manage waste and recycling at every operational level, including fleet planning and logistics, weighing, treatment and disposal, production planning and scheduling for recycling, wastes compliance and stakeholder engagement.


  • Basic Data:
    • Waste codes
    • Waste Properties Specifications
    • Specification Types and Categories
    • Identification Types
    • Value Assignment Types Specifications
    • Phrase Sets Generation
    • Property Trees
    • Report Symbols and Symbol Groups
    • Templates, Report Categories, Report Applications and Report Communications
    • Product Safety for Waste Management
    • Dangerous Goods Management for Waste Management
    • Validity Areas
    • Licenses
    • Conditions
    • Waste Approvals Requests and Status Tracking
    • Waste-Relevant Material Types
  • Disposal Processing:
    • Functions, Document Categories
    • Subsequent Follow-On Documents
    • Integration with Materials Management, Warehouse Management, Purchasing and Controlling
  • Disposal Documents:
    • Waste Codes, Document Types, Document Roles, Document Processing Specifications and Communications